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Maria Sharapova: From Tennis Champion to Successful Entrepreneur and Investor

Maria Sharapova, a world-renowned tennis champion, investor, and entrepreneur, recently shared her insights on transitioning from the world of sports to the realm of business at the WE Convention, a conference organized by the Dubai-based women’s empowerment community, Women’s Empowerment (WE) Council. The event, held on April 20-21, 2024, at Atlantis The Royal in Dubai, featured over 100 speakers, 2,000 attendees, and a diverse range of sessions and discussions.

During a fireside chat with Mila Smart Semeshkina, the founder of WE Council, Sharapova discussed how her elite performance mindset as an athlete has contributed to her success in her post-tennis career as an entrepreneur and investor. She emphasized the natural evolution from sports to business, stating, “The entrepreneurial space was a very natural evolution of being an athlete. The decisions and teamwork that you face as an athlete very much flow into the world of business and entrepreneurship.”

Sharapova’s interest in business ventures began early in her tennis career, as she recognized the importance of diversifying her focus and preparing for life after sports. She explained, “I realized that, as a woman, I had only a certain amount of time to play, and that at a certain point I would want to start a family. I didn’t know how long my body would allow me to play, and so I started setting up foundations in business early on.”

Through her collaborations with various brand partners, Sharapova gained valuable insights and learned from experienced professionals in the business world. This early exposure and learning experience helped shape her perspective and approach to entrepreneurship.

Sharapova’s journey serves as an inspiration for athletes and women alike, demonstrating the transferable skills and mindset that can be applied from the world of sports to the world of business. Her success as an entrepreneur and investor highlights the importance of embracing new challenges, adapting to change, and continuously learning and growing, even after achieving greatness in one’s primary field of expertise.

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