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Leadership Women Acknowledged Two TWU Students

Leadership Women has selected Holly Hansen-Thomas, PhD, and Gina Anderson, EdD, for the Leadership Texas Class of 2024.

The longest-running women’s leadership development program in the country, Leadership Texas offers participants the chance to learn cutting-edge information from renowned professionals, public servants, and other thought leaders.

It is intended to give participants the opportunity to investigate important topics outside of their own fields of expertise and industries. Leadership Texas’s current focus will be on social, cultural, and economic challenges in Dallas, Lubbock, and San Antonio. The topic of discussion is “Future Leadership Challenges: Leading in the Lone Star State.”

“I am overjoyed to have been chosen,” Hansen-Thomas exclaimed. “I’m excited to keep honing my leadership abilities and expanding my network of strong female leaders in Texas.”

Anderson was ecstatic about the chance as well and is already thinking about ways she might help TWU students more.

“I want to use what I’ve learned to improve both my present and future leadership roles and to have an influence on the success of TWU’s students and programs as well as those in the state.”

Anderson, associate dean for educator preparation and partnerships at the College of Professional Education, and Hansen-Thomas, vice provost for research, innovation, and corporate engagement, will take part in the year-long program.

The goal of Leadership Women, Inc., an Austin-based organization founded in 1974, is to promote women’s leadership via initiatives that unite, uplift, empower, and recognize women.

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