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The Women’s Business Network: Shattering Glass Ceilings for Women in Neeley

The Women’s Business Network, a TCU organization within the Neeley School of Business, aims to equip students with essential skills for success in the dynamic business landscape. It focuses on nurturing the potential of young women through networking, mentorship, and community service initiatives, as stated by TCU Engage. Given that Neeley is the sole college at TCU where males outnumber females, this network holds significant importance in providing a supportive space for women pursuing business degrees to thrive in the business realm.

According to TCU Institutional Research, there are currently 922 male students and 790 female students pursuing a degree in general business. Brittany Rosely, junior and Vice President of Professional Affairs, highlighted the importance of the Women’s Business Network in providing a platform for women with similar aspirations to connect and network with alumni within their field on campus.

Rosely mentioned that the organization is planning a networking night with 15 different companies this semester, aiming to help members develop their networking skills and gain exposure to professionals from various business industries and majors. She emphasized that the events organized by the network are geared towards boosting women’s confidence and improving their communication skills while offering access to new opportunities through membership.

Sam Altounian, junior and president of the Women’s Business Network, expressed the club’s main goal for the semester, which is to maintain intentional events while instilling pride in members for their association with the organization by aiding them in achieving their job and internship goals.

Altounian noted that being part of the Women’s Business Network has made TCU feel like home for them due to the supportive community within the organization. The WBN is focused on facilitating connections between young women, TCU alumni, and future employers, creating a safe space for students to be authentic in the business environment.

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