You are currently viewing Taste Makers and Tabletop Visionaries: Tanya Vaughn-Goggans and MaryAgnes Palumbo’s Foodservice Influence
Tanya Vaughn-Goggans and MaryAgnes Palumbo

Taste Makers and Tabletop Visionaries: Tanya Vaughn-Goggans and MaryAgnes Palumbo’s Foodservice Influence

The RAK Women Who ROCK the Industry

Success in the world of tabletop and hospitality solutions is more than meeting industry benchmarks—it’s about crafting a compelling narrative that resonates with discerning clientele. In this vibrant realm, where every dish is a story waiting to be told and each table setting an opportunity to paint a masterpiece, individuals like Tanya Vaughn-Goggans and MaryAgnes Palumbo emerge as architects of an unforgettable dining experience. They transcend mere figureheads, serving as adept storytellers who intricately weave the threads of culinary artistry and hospitality finesse.

Tanya is the adept Vice President of Marketing at RAK Porcelain USA and a visionary professional with a proven track record of steering marketing initiatives to new heights, armed with an innovative mindset and a keen understanding of industry trends.

In her role, Tanya crafts and executes comprehensive marketing strategies that not only elevate brand awareness but also contribute significantly to the company’s bottom line. Her strategic planning extends to digital marketing, brand positioning and customer engagement, ensuring RAK Porcelain maintains a strong presence in the industry.

Her passion for creativity, coupled with a results-driven approach, has made Tanya an invaluable asset to the RAK Porcelain USA team.

As Vice President of National Accounts, Hospitality and Gaming, MaryAgnes brings a unique blend of leadership, negotiation skills and market insight to the forefront. Her ability to cultivate and nurture relationships with key stakeholders has been instrumental in securing and maintaining national partnerships that drive RAK Porcelain’s growth and market share. With a wealth of experience and a keen eye for business development, MaryAgnes plays a key role in fostering strategic partnerships and expanding RAK Porcelain’s footprint across the nation.

MaryAgnes’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the boardroom, as she works tirelessly to ensure that RAK Porcelain’s products meet and exceed the expectations of national clients. Her collaborative approach, combined with a focus on customer satisfaction, has positioned RAK Porcelain as the preferred choice for national hospitality accounts seeking premium tableware solutions.

Let’s explore the Art of Hospitality by Tanya and MaryAgnes, accentuating Innovation, Craftsmanship and Culinary Excellence!

Integrity and Innovation

In the dynamic world of marketing, Tanya stands out as a visionary. “When you show up with integrity, your character speaks for itself within this industry,” says Tanya. Her understanding of building strategic partnerships and ensuring that your brand represents the highest level of integrity will continue to propel RAK Porcelain’s brand awareness to new heights and drive profitability.

“The commitment to authenticity has been pivotal in building meaningful relationships, aligning with the very essence of the hospitality industry,” she says. By staying true to her core values, Tanya not only makes impactful decisions but also leaves a positive impact on others, defining success at the intersection of integrity and innovation.

MaryAgnes’s success is rooted in genuine connections. “Our industry is truly built on relationships,” MaryAgnes affirms emphasizing the importance of a positive attitude and respect. Drawing inspiration from her father’s kindness, she adds, “At the end of the day, we are in the people business, and I treat others how I like to be treated.”

MaryAgnes’s approach transcends positions, focusing on building lasting connections. Her commitment to authenticity and respect defines her career, proving that in the world of national accounts, genuine relationships are the key to sustained success.

Beyond the Name

Tanya shares the significance of brand integrity. “Brand is not only the name associated with the product but the perception that your customers have of that product and service,” Tanya emphasizes. She understands that delivering products with a high level of quality is not just about the immediate transaction. “If you are not providing innovation with a high level of quality, then you will not only diminish the integrity of that product, but the trust that your customer has in you as a valued partner,” she cautions. For Tanya, maintaining integrity is pivotal not only for product success but also for fostering enduring customer relationships. “We understand brand integrity and we at RAK Porcelain are setting the new standard of excellence for quality, integrity and service and that is a brand that I am proud to represent.”

MaryAgnes finds excitement in innovation within the HoReCa industry. “It is so exciting to work for one of the most innovative factories in the HoReCa Industry,” MaryAgnes exclaims. She thrives on meeting evolving customer needs, assuring clients that RAK Porcelain remains a dependable source of inventive solutions. “Customers know that they can depend on us to come up with solutions that will excite their guests while maintaining the high quality and standards that set us apart,” she affirms. MaryAgnes brings a commitment to innovation and quality that defines RAK Porcelain’s presence in the dynamic landscape of the Hospitality Channel.

The Power of Teamwork

Working as a team and collaborating with others leads to greater success,” asserts MaryAgnes. In the intricate realm of National Hotel & Resort Account sales, she navigates the lengthier process with finesse. Recognizing the stakes involved as a national hotel chain introduces a new product, MaryAgnes emphasizes, “Having strong and trusting relationships with the stakeholders, as well as a strong team to help support all the details, is what truly makes the difference.” Her dedication to teamwork and relationships proves instrumental in ensuring the success of pivotal National Hospitality Account initiatives.

Crafting Trends, Fostering Innovation

In RAK Porcelain USA, staying abreast of hospitality industry trends is a comprehensive process that encompasses both internal and external dimensions. Internally, a culture of continuous learning flourishes through training, workshops and cross-functional team strategic planning, fostering innovation. Externally, industry insights are gleaned through subscriptions to publications, forum participation and active engagement on social media. Participation in trade shows and conferences facilitates direct interaction with industry peers, unveiling trends and nurturing partnerships. A proactive approach involves regular market research, customer feedback and competitive analysis, ensuring alignment with evolving preferences. Research and development drive innovation in materials, design and technology, establishing the company as the industry pioneer.

Maintaining robust customer relationships and active participation in customer and industry events enable RAK Porcelain USA to remain attuned to the ever-evolving needs of customers. Direct affiliation with the world’s most innovative ceramic factory, coupled with open lines of communication within the team, fosters agility. MaryAgnes highlights this nimbleness, stating, “Working directly for the most innovative ceramic factory in the world and having an open line of communication with our team at the factory allows us to be extremely nimble and help to create the vision our customers have for their needs.” This commitment to adaptability and customer-centric innovation solidifies RAK Porcelain USA’s position as a leader in the industry.

Empowerment and Cohesion

Tanya and MaryAgnes jointly emphasize the core belief that “leadership starts within.” They identify integrity, insight and inclusiveness as the foundational qualities of effective leadership. Both advocate for sharing knowledge and experiences to empower individuals and foster organizational growth.

In their collaborative approach, Tanya and MaryAgnes stress, “The stronger we can make each other as a team, the stronger we are as an organization.” This shared commitment to internal strength highlights their dedication to building a cohesive and empowered team at RAK Porcelain.

Anticipating Tastes

In the dynamic landscape of global cuisine, Tanya emphasizes the profound impact of diversity and culture. “Diversity and culture shape the evolution of global cuisine and ultimately, our guests’ palates and their expectations of an elevated dining experience,” she notes.

Tanya underscores the need for a keen understanding of how globalization, fueled by travel, social media and celebrity chefs, influences culinary trends. “The guests are becoming more savvy,” she adds, highlighting the importance of anticipating ever-changing needs. RAK Porcelain’s diverse dinnerware solutions, ranging from the extra fine Le Ballet Bone China, to the Rak Earth Collection, reminiscent of terra cotta, reflect a commitment to meeting a variety of culinary needs.

MaryAgnes delves into the global perspective that shapes the industry. “International style and design trends carry over throughout all aspects of our industry,” MaryAgnes observes. As a passionate traveler, she explores diverse hotels worldwide to stay abreast of emerging tabletop and service trends.

MaryAgnes emphasizes the importance of avoiding pigeonholing looks or items for specific cuisines. “So many chefs are crossing the boundaries these days with color, material, texture, or even using different vessels for that unexpected surprise at the table,” she notes, highlighting the need for adaptability in the ever-evolving culinary and hotel scene.

Success Beyond Norms 

Tanya recounts several pivotal moments in her career where innovation was the key to success. “There have been times in my career where we had to ‘step outside the box’ of normal processes to get the job done,” she reflects. “However, creativity is where I thrive and look forward to marrying innovation, great business acumen, and process orientation to continue to drive compelling marketing campaigns that represent our brand and build our profitability.”

Reciprocity in Partnerships

In the world of business partnerships, MaryAgnes emphasizes the crucial role of honesty. “Communication, trust and integrity are all part of the recipe for a successful partnership, but the key for me is honesty,” she asserts.

MaryAgnes prioritizes transparent communication ensuring that both parties have a realistic outlook on factors like timeframe, pricing and selection. She sets the expectation for reciprocity, stating, “I will always let a partner know the realistic outlook and I expect the same from them.” This commitment to honesty forms the cornerstone of successful and sustainable partnerships in the ever-evolving landscape of the industry.