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National Women in Media Conference

The Women in Media national conference recently took place in Sydney, marking the first time this event has been hosted in the city. With over 400 delegates in attendance, the conference brought together a diverse group of female media professionals from across Australia. Attendees included influential business leaders, media industry personalities, entrepreneurs, and individuals at various stages of their careers. The conference served as a platform for discussions on crucial issues related to gender, media, and society.

Petra Buchanan, a strategic advisor to Women in Media, highlighted the dynamic lineup of speakers and the meaningful discussions that took place during the event. The conference provided an opportunity for women from different sectors of the media industry to come together, share their experiences, and contribute to the success of others in the field.

Ita Buttrose, the patron of Women in Media, delivered an inspirational speech to open the conference. She encouraged women not to wait for others to open doors for them but to take initiative and even knock down barriers themselves. Buttrose emphasized the importance of perseverance and self-belief, noting that women may not always feel welcome but should continue to assert themselves and recognize their own capabilities.

The Women in Media conference represents a significant gathering of female professionals in the media sector, fostering networking opportunities, knowledge sharing, and a collective commitment to advancing the industry. It serves as a platform for women to support one another and contribute to a brighter future for the media sector.

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