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The Key Quality Google’s VP Prioritizes in Job Interviews: ‘This Trait is Essential.’

Sapna Chadha, Vice President at Google Asia Pacific, is excited about the rapid growth and adaptability she sees in the region. She values team members who are agile, innovative, and have a “growth mindset,” which is a belief in continuous learning and personal evolution.

In job interviews, Chadha asks candidates about the latest things they’ve learned, as this reveals their commitment to self-improvement and willingness to exchange information and collaborate. She believes this trait is crucial in the ever-advancing tech landscape.

Another quality she looks for is the ability to admit mistakes and learn from them, emphasizing the importance of humility and a growth-oriented attitude.

Chadha advises individuals to view their careers as “jungle gyms” rather than linear ladders, being open to lateral moves that broaden their skill sets. She shares her experience of transitioning from a product manager to a chief of staff, which greatly influenced her leadership style.

Continuous upskilling is essential, especially in the face of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). Chadha encourages everyone, regardless of their industry, to learn the basics of AI to stay relevant, as AI is becoming increasingly integrated into various sectors.

Google Cloud offers free introductory courses to help individuals learn about AI, ensuring they can adapt to the changing job landscape. Chadha emphasizes the importance of taking the initiative to learn outside one’s domain, whether through online courses, networking, or staying updated with the latest news.

Overall, Chadha’s insights highlight the significance of a growth mindset, adaptability, and continuous learning in today’s dynamic and tech-driven world.

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