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Women Entrepreneurs in Lehigh Valley Emerge Successful in Saturated Wedding Industry

Hausbar Mobile Bar provides bartending services featuring hand-crafted cocktails for private events. Owner Beth van Horn supplies the bar top, drinkware, bartending expertise, and homemade garnishes, syrups, and mixers.

In a market with as many as 80 wedding vendors in the Lehigh Valley, some services are targeting a new, younger clientele willing to invest more for enhanced experiences when it comes to weddings. The trend of “experiential retailing” is gaining momentum as businesses aim to alleviate the stress of wedding planning while offering a luxurious experience for their clients.

Beth van Horn launched her mobile bartending business, Hausbar, in 2022 when only three other similar businesses existed. Despite the market now having more than 15 competitors, Hausbar remains in demand, often fully booked or even double-booked for all of April.What distinguishes Hausbar is the expertise of Beth and her bartenders, along with the assurance of legal and financial compliance, ensuring a safe and elevated beverage experience for any event they cater to.

Another enterprising businesswoman is Prof Denise Ogden who highlights the importance of connectivity, consistency and value addition.

Penn State Lehigh Valley marketing professor Denise T. Ogden emphasizes the importance of companies offering services that save time or money while providing a memorable experience to capture people’s attention, especially in today’s landscape where companies must manage both online and in-store presences.

“Quality over quantity” is a mantra echoed by Lehigh Valley Celebrants owner Donna Forsythe, who has observed a growing demand for experiential services since entering the industry in 2014. Despite the perceived saturation in the market due to the accessibility of online ordination, Forsythe underscores the importance of expertise and quality in delivering personalized ceremonies.

While acknowledging that the market may seem oversaturated, Forsythe highlights that being ordained online doesn’t automatically equate to proficiency. Instead, she relies on word-of-mouth referrals and personalized ceremonies to differentiate herself in the market. Although her prices may be higher, Forsythe believes that couples seeking a memorable experience are willing to invest in quality services.

Due to her reputation and connections with wedding venues, Forsythe’s calendar is filled through 2024 and into 2025, a testament to the value clients place on her exceptional services.

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