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Villamaria (Caldas) Company Interacted with Their Planters in the United States

Cecilia Osorio embarked on a family business venture named Planta Colombia seven years ago, specializing in crafting cement pots. Today, these pots are distributed in the markets of Colombia’s coffee region and Antioquia. Notably, Planta Colombia has expanded its reach to international markets, including the Amazon e-commerce platform.

Osorio’s business achieved a significant milestone by participating in Expoartesanos Miami 2023, its first international commercial and business fair. As the only family company from Caldas, Colombia, invited by Origen Caldas and Expoartesanos Medellin, Planta Colombia showcased around 90 pottery references in various colors, attracting interest, particularly in its bowl and crescent-shaped planters.

Reflecting on the success at the fair, Osorio expressed amazement at selling all of the approximately 200 planters brought to Miami. This achievement marks a pivotal moment in the company’s growth.

The journey began when Osorio transitioned from a costume maker to a creator of cement pots. Her son, Reuben, initially suggested making pots for their garden. Osorio embraced this idea, crafting her first vessel from plastic Coke bottles filled with cement. She initially promoted her products through word of mouth, which led to her first order with a local nursery.

To meet increasing market demands and enhance the family business with technology, Osorio invested $2 million from her savings. This capital enabled her to purchase a concreting machine, molds, and other equipment, driving Planta Colombia’s growth.

The success of Planta Colombia has inspired the launch of its second project, Planta Vivero. This venture encompasses ornamental plants and a store offering flower pots, furniture, and home decor. Additionally, the venue features an outdoor café and a viewpoint overlooking the Andes Mountains and urban centers of Villamaría and Manizales. Planta Vivero aims to cultivate plants in the future and promote tourism, further contributing to the local economy by generating employment opportunities.

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