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Southampton Science Park to Host a Women Entrepreneurs’ Workout Event this March

In anticipation of International Women’s Day approaching, Southampton Science Park has collaborated with business incubator SETsquared to introduce a Women Entrepreneurs’ Workout. This two-day workshop-led event will occur at the park on March 6th and 7th, just before International Women’s Day 2024, and is tailored specifically for female founders of digital, technology, and science-based ventures.

Participants will collaborate within small groups of like-minded women and receive guidance from expert mentors to establish the groundwork for a thriving business. The event aims to enhance confidence in the contributions of women in STEM and entrepreneurial settings. Studies suggest that the UK economy could expand by £250 billion if the number of women starting their own businesses equaled that of men. Additionally, initiatives like the Investing in Women Code, which fosters support for female entrepreneurship among financial firms, contribute to 39% of venture and growth equity deals in the UK SME lending market.

The purpose of this event is to offer a unique platform of business discussions where several women entrepreneurs from different fields will join to contribute, exchange ideas, share experiences, understand business challenges and comprehend solutions to succeed in the ever evolding professional world.

This will also unfold the journey of businesswomen who will display the resilience and competence in starting the business and taking it to the new heights, confidently.  The role of women in corporate environment is expanding rapidly with higher responsibilities and technical challenges to be addressed. The workshop aims to equip and empower the women entrepreneurs  towards smart and effective business management.

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