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Queenie Porter -The Businesswoman Energising the Sports Industry

Queenie aspires to be the next prominent female business executive in the realm of women’s sports. The 33-year-old’s participation in WOW HYDRATE has been the catalyst for her quick ascent to fame. The company has inked big contracts with some of the biggest names in sports, and its line of sugar-free sports drinks is becoming more and more popular in the field of sports nutrition. The news that WOW HYDRATE had inked a contract with Manchester United, arguably the most well-known premier league football team in the world, was revealed last week. “The deal with Manchester United is the biggest deal in sports I could imagine,” Queenie remarked.

WOW HYDRATE is really thrilled about this fantastic partnership. Regarding the negotiation process, she remarked, “It was surprisingly the quickest deal we have done.” Though it only took six weeks, our strategy and attention to detail were evident. Even though this is a significant milestone for our company, we are equally proud of the fact that we have always supported the women’s game and the lower levels and have always kept the grassroots consumer in mind. When the original creator of WOW HYDRATE couldn’t find a dairy-free, healthy hydration drink on the market, they decided to create their own. This is how many typical protein beverages are made.

After Queenie joined the company in 2018, WOW HYDRATE was available on the shelves of numerous major retailers, such as Tesco, ASDA, and COSTCO stores, in just three years.

A dual-branded addition to the range is scheduled for release next year, which will further expand consumer options with the Manchester United pairing. A creative component is added to research, consumer trend analysis, and yearly blind taste tests when developing new products. Strong brand advocates like heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, who adored the lemon, lime, and orange electrolyte products during the sample phase, are always beneficial as well. The champion now takes the drinks with him everywhere he trains, and he frequently appears in interviews holding one.

It hasn’t always been simple, though; clear vision and guidance are necessary to forge meaningful alliances and guarantee that joint ventures are profitable for both parties.

Dealing with major brands and celebrities who are eager to collaborate with us has been the largest challenge thus far in this endeavour. Both of our brands need to be a genuine fit, so we must make sure we grasp both of them. While it has undoubtedly been difficult to carve out a successful niche in the crowded sports drink industry, we are grateful to have a strong team that has allowed us to be creative problem solvers. Porter stated.

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