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Promoting Economic Parity on Occasion of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day was observed on November 19, a day to celebrate the accomplishments and tenacity of women everywhere who are paving the road for social and economic transformation.

In celebration, we are showcasing the accomplishments of three women-owned companies that, with the help of the EBRD and its donors—who are dedicated to boosting female entrepreneurs through the Women in Business program—are striving tirelessly to grow and expand.

In order to support women in realizing their potential, the program offers platforms for company development, funding, and consulting services in addition to specialized services for fostering entrepreneurial skills and connecting female entrepreneurs with possibilities.

In 2006, Zagorka Blazevska established Vita Nova. The family-run business, situated in North Macedonia, provides the Central Balkans’ food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries with healthy ingredients and raw materials.

Leading her company’s aim to establish itself as a global leader in health food components is Zagorka. Its distinctive strategy goes beyond just selling ingredients; in addition to providing over 2,000 specific product solutions, the company counsels clients on business development.

Even with her family’s help, Zagorka found it difficult to launch her own company when she was a young entrepreneur. Nevertheless, she now coaches other women in creating their own start-ups, and her business partners with colleges to provide training and seminars for students.

Zagorka is prioritising diversifying the recipes of its ingredients and products, as well as transforming the challenges into new opportunities for innovation, while Vita Nova is grappling with a shortage of raw materials and logistical challenges stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vita Nova was able to maximize output in 2022 by hiring a consultant with funding from the European Union and the EBRD to work on premix recipes and teach workers how to mix recipes.

Before, the business had attempted to increase the efficiency of its management system by putting in place a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in a previous project.

Vita Nova’s digitalization effort proved to be extremely successful, as it led to a notable increase in operational productivity and efficiency, particularly in sales and development. Today, Zagorka wants to encourage more research and development in the industries her company services in order to grow the business. “A brand that stands out with a stable, quality and sustainable offer of raw material and ingredients,” is how Zagorka describes her company.

In order to establish Jordan as a center for the study and advancement of cutting-edge engineering and sustainable solutions, Amina Mari established MEHNA for Engineering Solutions and Machine Manufacturing in 2018. MEHNA provides customized products and solutions that adhere to strict quality and safety regulations.

It stands out in the industrial production sector, which it seeks to revolutionize, for its capacity to establish and carry out new standards tailored for each particular project within the context of the Sustainable Development Goals and the circular economy.

Regarding the state of women’s entrepreneurship in her industry, Amina says that women’s involvement in all sectors of the economy is essential because they bring a variety of skills to the table that enhance any venture and have been shown to be profitable.

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