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Perth Entrepreneurs Brooke Vulinovich and Ashley Matkovic are Leading Female Empowerment through their International Women’s Day (IWD) Events

Perth entrepreneurs Brooke Vulinovich and Ashley Matkovic identified a need for celebrations and empowerment opportunities for female entrepreneurs in the city. In 2017, they took the initiative and launched International Women’s Day (IWD) gatherings, beginning with 60 attendees and experiencing exponential growth since then. These events, organized by Vulinovich and Matkovic, have evolved into a pivotal platform for female entrepreneurs in Perth, providing inspiration and nurturing a supportive community.

Fostering Female Empowerment in Business

The annual International Women’s Day (IWD) events organized by Brooke Vulinovich and Ashley Matkovic have evolved into dynamic platforms where women can connect, share experiences, and draw insights from one another. Vulinovich, the founder of Social Club and an Instagram coach, and Matkovic, the creator of the networking community Fusion Biz Co, have witnessed overwhelming positive responses, with each year’s gatherings selling out and prompting the need for larger venues. This initiative aligns with the broader trend in Australia, where women accounted for 57% of new business founders in 2023, as reported by GoDaddy‘s Venture Forward report.

The theme for the 2024 event, ‘Invest In Her,’ underscores the significance of supporting women along their entrepreneurial journeys. Renowned speakers like Katherine Clayton and Sophie Doyle from Get Peachii will share insights into business and investment, enhancing the learning experience for attendees. A noteworthy shift towards inclusivity is observed as men purchase tickets for the first time, signaling a move towards a more gender-equal approach in business. Vulinovich and Matkovic stress the importance of women supporting each other, emphasizing that mutual respect and encouragement are pivotal for overcoming barriers and cultivating an empowering culture.

Beyond being celebratory occasions, the IWD events initiated by Vulinovich and Matkovic are viewed as catalysts for change, inspiring women to champion one another and amplify their voices across various aspects of life. The positive atmosphere and sense of solidarity experienced at these gatherings instill participants with confidence to pursue their aspirations, reassured by the knowledge of belonging to a supportive and empowering community.

As the momentum of the IWD events continues to grow, Vulinovich and Matkovic are optimistic about the broader impact of their initiative on the community. Their efforts underscore the importance of creating spaces where women can celebrate achievements, exchange knowledge, and build robust networks. In the ongoing journey towards enhanced gender equality, initiatives like theirs reinforce the idea that each stride in supporting and uplifting women contributes to a more inclusive and equitable society.

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