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Judy Schiavone Mount Laurel Police Chief to be Honoured with Outstanding Women Award

Judy Schiavone, the chief of police in Mount Laurel, is one of the 11 women who will be honoured at the 2023 Outstanding Women of Burlington County Awards ceremony for their leadership and dedication to their communities.

The Burlington County Commissioners and Burlington County Women’s Advisory Council have recognised county women for their achievements to improving local communities and advancing women for more than 20 years. On October 3, a reception at the Riverton Country Club will honour this year’s group. Friends, family, and members of the community will have the chance to attend the event and learn more about the frequently hidden or unreported achievements of women leaders.

“For far too long, the contributions of women were downplayed or ignored, so it’s incredibly gratifying to help lead a county that is home to so many outstanding women and to continue this tradition of celebrating their achievements and community service,” said Commissioner Felicia Hopson, who serves as liaison to the Women’s Advisory Council. “Each of these women has their own unique story and background, but they each have had a great and lasting impact on our county.”

Among the public nominations received, the award winners were chosen by a panel of Women’s Advisory Council members. The Commissioners and Council honoured a woman who is succeeding in a STEM field for the first time this year.

She stated to the audience that her aim is to “improve the department even further than it now is. Already fantastic, but if it’s possible, I’d like to improve it even more.

She mentioned that recruiting more female officers for the Burlington County department was a top priority on her “to do” list. Only three of the 73 police officers, including Schiavone, are female.

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