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HK PM Lee: Singapore and Hong Kong have a Close Relationship

According to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore and Hong Kong have a close relationship, share many chances to collaborate, and face similar difficulties as global cities in their respective areas.

On the Chief Executive’s first visit to Singapore in his official position, he and Hong Kong leader John Lee reiterated the deep and long-standing links between the two cities on Monday.

As the first leg of a week-long Asean tour, Lee, who assumed the role of Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in July 2022, arrived in Singapore on Sunday for a three-day visit.

Both leaders praised the resumption of interactions between the Singapore and Hong Kong civil servants after the Covid-19 pandemic during a lunch hosted by PM Lee and discussed ways to strengthen cooperation in research, innovation, trade and investment, and arts and culture respectively.

The two leaders last spoke at the Economic Leaders’ Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation in Bangkok in November 2022.

PM Lee expressed his gratitude for the chance to speak with Lee further.

“Singapore and Hong Kong share a close relationship. Hong Kong is home to one of the largest overseas Singaporean communities, which reflects our close people-to-people ties.”

“Our cities face similar challenges as global hubs in our respective regions. We can learn from and work with each other in many ways, including through civil service exchanges. By cooperating, we will contribute to the growth and vibrancy of our two cities and the wider region.”

Lee also voiced optimism for Hong Kong’s future growth and prosperity within the framework of “one country, two systems”.

Lawrence Wong, the deputy prime minister, invited Lee to breakfast earlier on Monday.

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