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Ex-software Engineer Earns $129K Yearly Selling $240/box Home Pasta

Fiona Afshar’s unexpected journey into the world of pasta artistry and entrepreneurship showcases the profound impact of passion and creativity. Originally from Iran, Afshar’s love for cooking was nurtured as a child and served as a means of comfort and connection. Her Instagram account, @cookingwithfiona, initially intended for sharing instructional cooking videos, unexpectedly transformed into a platform for her unique pasta creations.

Afshar’s vibrant and intricately patterned pasta designs quickly gained a devoted following, leading to the birth of her pasta business. Drawing on her culinary creativity and artistic flair, Afshar started offering virtual pasta-making classes and collaborating with luxury brands, further diversifying her income streams. Her online shop, Fiona’s Pasta, became the cornerstone of her success, where she sells boxes of colorful, designer-inspired pasta.

Despite her considerable financial achievements – earning $129,300 in a year – Afshar’s motivation remains rooted in her passion for connecting with people through food and preserving her cultural heritage for her children. With a modest approach to business expansion, she continues to operate from her home kitchen, valuing the personal touch that sets her creations apart.

Afshar’s journey serves as a testament to the power of combining personal passion with entrepreneurial spirit. Her story illustrates that success can arise from unexpected avenues when authenticity, creativity, and a genuine connection with one’s craft are prioritized over purely financial gains. By infusing her artistry with love, Afshar has transformed her culinary passion into a thriving business that not only sustains her financially but also nourishes her artistic soul.

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