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Enterprising Women Sparkle Together in Influential Women Entrepreneurship Expo

On Sunday, the third annual Influential Women Entrepreneurs Expo aimed to unite female leaders who are sparking change.“This is for the women entrepreneurs and women owned businesses, whether they’re just starting out or they’re leaders making seven figures,” said Kelly Breuer, owner of Rochester Woman Online Magazine and the Influential Woman.

Halena Sepulveda said on X, “The 2024 Influential Woman Entrepreneurs Expo is happening at the Holiday Inn in Downtown Rochester today, bringing together women entrepreneurs to build a community of women leaders igniting change.” On Sunday, more than sixty women-owned companies from all throughout the state of New York joined her in sharing that same enthusiasm.
“It could be literally anything you can imagine in the entrepreneurial world that are all coming to join each other for community connections and women going together to build their businesses or learn from other people,” said Breuer.

They had the opportunity to learn, engage, and ask questions at the event.

“I think that space is something that we all need, especially women, to just come to, be real with each other and kind of empower each other, life each other up,” the speaker stated.
The expo’s main goal was to empower female entrepreneurs by setting an example.

“Announcing, ‘Well, okay, I had this difficulty or this issue,'” she remarked. Breuer asked, “What do I need to do, or what recommendations does somebody else have who may have gone through something similar?” It aims to give women wealth and self-assurance.
“I hope they go completely,” Breuer remarked. “Absolutely packed with all the information and support they require.” Breuer encourages them to keep pursuing their goals, just like she did.
Breuer stated that she was “encouraging women to grow, get up there and just do it.”