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Call Center Outsourcing CEO of the Year 2023 is CBE’s CEO, Erica Parks

CBE Companies, a prominent global business process outsourcing provider, is pleased to announce that its esteemed CEO, Erica Parks, has been honored with the prestigious Influential Businesswomen Award.

Presented by Acquisition International Magazine, this award recognizes women who are driving forces for innovation, change, and empowerment in their respective fields. Erica Parks’ visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in the ARM & BPO industry have led to this well-deserved recognition. Under her guidance, CBE Companies has achieved remarkable growth, setting new standards for success and customer satisfaction.

Erica Parks holds the distinction of being the first female President and CEO of CBE Companies. She has also strategically expanded the executive management team to include a diverse group of experienced leaders, including two additional women. Parks joined CBE in 2013 and has held various leadership roles within the company, including Vice President of Finance, Chief Financial Officer, and most recently, President and CEO. Alongside the Executive Management Team, she is responsible for executing the overall business plan and driving results for all stakeholders.

Reflecting on her journey, Parks stated, “We have pivoted from a significant business downturn to 50% top-line revenue growth over five years and improved our EBITDA margins from negative to now more than 10% during that growth period.” She expressed gratitude for the trust the organization has placed in her to lead the company and positively impact thousands of lives every day.

Before joining CBE, Parks held roles at McGladrey (now RSM) and John Deere. She is a Certified Public Accountant and actively serves on the Cedar Valley United Way Board of Directors and Finance Committee. She was formerly on the Executive Committee for Cedar Valley Women Connect, Women Lead Change. Parks, along with her husband, operates their own 501c3 non-profit organization called All About the Kids. She is also a member of the American Institute of CPAs, the Iowa Society of CPAs, and the Institute of Management Accountants. Parks earned her BA in Accounting with a minor in Finance from the University of Northern Iowa and an MBA from the University of Iowa.

CBE Companies, founded in 1933, is a global provider of outsourced contact center solutions. With almost a century of history, CBE continues to invest in nurturing leaders within the organization, fostering creativity, and achieving organic growth. Employing nearly 1,200 people across three global locations, including a substantial work-from-home community, CBE Companies maintains a commitment to excellence and innovation.

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