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Amazon has announced greater support for Black-owned businesses, including new partnerships and more resources

During National Black Business Month in August, Amazon is committed to celebrating, supporting, and promoting Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs across the United States. With over 60% of sales in Amazon’s stores coming from independent sellers, many of which are small and medium-sized businesses, Amazon aims to empower Black-owned businesses to establish successful ventures within its platform.

In 2021, Amazon introduced the Black Business Accelerator (BBA) to facilitate sustainable entrepreneurship for Black-owned businesses on its platform. By diversifying the product offerings from Black-owned businesses, Amazon not only empowers customers to make choices that align with their values but also ensures a broader selection that caters to unique preferences.

To enhance discoverability and provide customers with a seamless shopping experience, Amazon has made significant improvements to its Black is Remarkable store—a designated space where customers can explore and purchase products from inspiring Black business owners. Additionally, Amazon offers various training opportunities to prepare Black-owned businesses for significant shopping events like Prime Day. This has led to remarkable sales growth for independent sellers during Prime Day 2023, surpassing Amazon’s retail business growth.

Amazon’s commitment to empowering Black-owned businesses goes beyond special events, extending throughout the year. By creating avenues for discoverability, providing training, and fostering sustainable growth, Amazon continues to champion the success of Black entrepreneurs in its store, enabling customers to access a wide array of products that reflect their preferences and values.

Reggie Kelly, the owner of KYVAN Foods in Atlanta, Georgia, attests to Amazon’s dedication to supporting small businesses, sharing that their enthusiasm has been instrumental in his brand’s growth. As Amazon maintains its momentum in promoting Black-owned businesses, it’s not only driving economic empowerment but also enriching the shopping experience for customers who seek diverse and meaningful products.

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